About the Course

The Marketing Automation course covers the advances in digital transformation used by leading companies around the world to optimize go-to-market activities and maximize competitive advantages. Based on experience with hands-on projects completed for Fortune 500 companies, innovative Silicon Valley start-ups, and growing companies around the world, the course offers marketing leaders a springboard into the strategies, techniques and tools of tomorrow.

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Offered by ASE Bucharest and Retina

Type of Course
Postgraduate program

Graduate Diploma accredited by The Romanian Ministry of Education and the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest

Course Length
30 hours

(Saturdays starting 9 AM and/or weekdays 5:30-9:00 PM)


Dec. 2020
Jan. 2021

  • Use of technology in marketing and sales
  • Marketing platforms (technology)
  • Personalization and customer journeys
  • Leveraging and valorizing behavioral data
  • Developing insight into markets, customers, and behavior
  • Psychotechnologies and the devolution of brands

Insights into the use of technologies in marketing

Hands-on use of major platforms (Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce, Unica, etc.)

Design of marketing strategies and tactics for the digital space

Lead management: generation, scoring,
qualification, routing

Use of technology to streamline and accelerate marketing activities

Developing a roadmap for digital transformation for marketing and sales

WHo is this course for?

The primary audience for this course are marketing leaders such as CMO/Head of Marketing/Marketing Managers. Aspiring marketing professionals and entrepreneurs will also benefit from the insights into using technology to generate demand, optimize communication, and drive sales.

Silvian Centiu

About Professor Silvian Centiu

Silvian is an innovative leader with extensive experience in go-to-market, communication, entrepreneurship, management, education, engineering, and digital transformation.

  • A graduate of Stanford University and University of San Francisco; numerous other studies
  • Teaching and research at universities in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Keynote speaker at industry events around the world
  • Currently a Managing Partner with Retina Communications, 2020 Agency of the Year (ANA)
  • Extensive experience with Fortune 500 companies — Oracle, Sony, Aetna, Cisco, Thermo Fisher Scientific, HP Enterprise, Bank of Montreal — as well as other leading enterprises around the world
  • Selected by the US Department of State to develop a strategy for the image of the US in the world

With additional insight from industry veterans




Beatrice Gottlieb

Fabian Moldoveanu

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