We stand by our promises

Retina is a promise-driven organization, strengthened by a set of shared principles that guide how we act with our clients and colleagues. More than values, promises stand the test of time as unwavering commitments, in both good and sometimes challenging times. At Retina, we make and keep these promises with each other and our clients – and they can always be relied on.

We get it done

Not all questions or challenges will have easy solutions. They will require deep thinking. Creative thinking. We find a way to “get it done.” Even when plan A or B or even C doesn’t work, we still find a way.

We are always learning

We are insatiable learners – about our craft, our clients’ businesses and the world around us. It’s that never-ending quest for knowledge that enables us to bring creative and thoughtful solutions to our clients.

We are courageous

We are not afraid to go where others won’t. We look at ideas thoughtfully, yet always emboldened to push our clients and ourselves outside our comfort zones.

We always have perspective

Managing complexity is hard. Managing human emotions is even harder. We believe in the power and importance of empathy, in relationships built on the foundation of trying to understand other people – their motivations, their fears, their feelings.

We aim to inspire

We want to inspire and be inspired. To go beyond sharing simple learnings, to helping others see the larger impact of what we do. We aim to inspire our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. And, we seek to be inspired by the world around us… the beauty and mystery of the seen and unseen.

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