The Foundation of Marketing Science

With the advent of customer-driven interactions across industries, personalized go-to-market messaging and approaches are increasingly replacing one-size-fits-all campaigns. Data is the critical factor that enables this transition, from marketing art to marketing science.

Data Strategy: Planning for Understanding and Control

From an overall understanding at the top level, through to input for individual personalization on the fine detail level (and everything in between) -- accurate, relevant, timely, and usable data is required. Retina provides the deep expertise needed to plan and execute your data strategy, to acquire all data, store it, organize it, aggregate it, integrate it, and make it available for consumption by both your human team and automated tools.

  • Storage

  • Visualization

  • Intake

  • Automation

  • Aggregation

Data Platforms: Plumbing for Integrated Intelligence

Whether seeking a statistical understanding of your audience, or optimizing interactions with targeted individuals, you will rely on data from numerous internal and external sources. We assist our customers with deep expertise in big data platforms (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, etc.), cloud environments (Amazon, Azure, Google, Oracle, etc.), and Marketing DMPs (BlueKai, RocketFuel, etc.) to valorize data across all internal and external systems.

  • Big Data

  • Data Warehouses

  • DMPs

Business Intelligence: Results Presentation for Humans and AI

At some point, you will be looking for a business overview. Most likely, whether all your tactics are effective or just some of them, you'll need to drill down, analyze and organize results from different perspectives to present actionable insights to your management and staff. We work with all leading BI platforms (MS Power BI, Tableau, Oracle, Cognos, etc.) to ensure meaningful, accurate, and aesthetically appealing dashboards and reports.

  • Reporting

  • Dashboards

  • Robotic Process Automation

Data Governance: Gold In - Gold Out

Your data is gold... or is it garbage? How do you make sure it's one and not the other? We design and implement custom data health processes, aggregation, deduplication and other approaches to ensure your data is relevant, accurate, organized and actionable, as well as being collected and kept according to privacy laws and policies. GIGO can be garbage in - garbage out or gold in, gold out -- we ensure it's the latter!

  • Data Health

  • Privacy (GDPR, etc.)

  • Data Cleanup

Data Modeling: Turning Data into Actionable Insight

You have -- or will have -- a lot of data, but what you really want is insight. We assist you in making sense of your data by: finding correlations; statistically relevant differences between your segments and personas; real-time actionable trends; if-A-then-B patterns; sophisticated attribution; A/B testing; control group analysis and other statistical modeling, ready for direct input into intelligent marketing automation tools.

  • Data Science

  • Descriptive Modeling

  • Predictive Modeling

Technologies We Master

Marketing Automation

Data Platforms


Content Management and eCommerce

Marketing Resource Management

Analytics and Business Intelligence


Next-Best-Action Engines


Meet the Experts

As Retina shapes the future of digital and creative marketing, our team of visionary, inventive professionals are leading that journey. Meet a few of the experts that make Retina shine.


Chief Technology Officer

Dragos joined the team in 2013 with a software development and architecture background, he learns rapidly and applies efficiently. Marketing automation, digital transformation, strategy and design are his top passions due to the results they all generate for a business.


Managing Partner

Deep understanding of using processes and technologies to solve business problems and enable organizations to seize strategic opportunities through the use of data and information systems. Silvian leads the architecting, developing and delivering of highly functional, scalable, and maintainable data platforms.

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