Creating impact from brand to demand

From accelerating brand to driving demand, Retina is uniquely placed to help organizations identify and capitalize on marketing and business opportunity. Retina’s core competency is our ability to “pull the thread through” – from strategic insights to creative development to activation in the marketplace.

Strategic Planning: Zeroing in on Your Strategic Opportunity

By identifying the most meaningful insights, we can enable you to address every stakeholder’s most essential need, connect with them emotionally, leverage organizational strengths, and provide a competitive advantage through differentiation. Our research and immersion techniques are designed to quickly and effectively identify and activate your strategic opportunity.

  • Marketing Research

  • Messaging

  • Positioning

  • Portfolio Architecture

  • Persona/Segmentation

Media Planning: Choreograph the Media Mix Like No Other

Full service media planning and buying across all channels offering clients a media approach that is brand/demand connected, behaviorally aligned, technology powered and supported by a strong network of media contacts. Our planning process allows us to understand the underlying psychology of the target so we know where and when to intersect with them during their daily activity and in turn, drive action.

  • Media Strategy

  • Planning and Buying

  • Media Reconciliation

  • Ad Serving

  • Optimization/Reporting

  • Performance Marketing Platforms

Creative Services: Creative Experiences that Inspire

Retina’s Ideas@Scale deliver the breakout creative and content experiences that demand attention, inspire action, delight customers, build relationships, and activate opportunity – across audiences, geographies and buyer journeys.

  • Concepting

  • Video Production

  • Advertising

  • Asset Production

  • Image Development

Content Services: Telling More Human Stories

We don't just 'write copy'. We tell meaningful stories that break through the noise in your market - that tell the complete picture of your brand or help activate demand. From thought leadership to prescriptive content to deep technical writing, our content services offer our clients a whole new approach to content.

  • Multiformat Content

  • Biotech Content

  • Content Journeys

  • Copywriting

PR/Earned Media: Becoming a Conversation Starter

We combine a talented and knowledgeable media relations team with engineers seasoned to timely and cost-effectively develop the communication infrastructure, tracking and attribution features, data and analytics systems, social media bots, and other technical tools that allow us to reach audiences, adapt messages dynamically, and measure outcomes accurately.

  • Public Relations

  • Media Campaigns

  • Social Media Campaigns

Technologies We Master

Marketing Automation

Data Platforms


Content Management and eCommerce

Marketing Resource Management

Analytics and Business Intelligence


Next-Best-Action Engines


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