Sophisticated Technology for Marketing

Media consumption is changing globally. From TV and out-of-home to print and events, traditional advertising channels are evolving and integrating with digital, mobile and other real-time connected channels.

In this new era of automation, industrialized communication, and artificial intelligence, Retina combines innovative strategy, outstanding creative, and sophisticated go-to-market technologies to ensure results-oriented organizations gain the digital advantage they need.

Our digital transformation experts work with you to optimize and personalize your inbound and outbound initiatives to break through the noise. We measure, attribute, and model your marketing spend for maximum ROI. And we build and integrate digital marketing technology into everything to power advantage, for today and tomorrow.

Infrastructure Strategy: Marketing and Sales Digital Foundation

Ambitious organizations know the value of evolved, integrated platforms that manage communications, data, workflows, resources and budgets to grow their marketing or sales capabilities and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. Retina provides award-winning knowledge and experience with top global firms including Cisco, Thermo Fisher, Vodafone, BMO, ING and HPE to ensure technologies not only do things right, but do the right things.

  • Platform Selection and Provisioning

  • Technology Roadmap

  • Marketing System Migration

Platform Integration: Engineering Across Marketing Channels

We work with leading marketing and sales technologies including Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce, Amazon, SAS and IBM, plus niche players like eTrigue, Pega, Qlick and Allocadia to compliment open software such as Hadoop, Spark, WordPress and Drupal when devising then deploying effective solutions for demanding marketing and sales firms. We integrate the best tech with legacy systems, develop the missing pieces and build bridges between channels.

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Provisioning/Installation/Upgrade

  • Configuration

  • Legacy Integration

  • Marketing Automation

  • Robotic Process Automation

Offer Management: Excellence Through Personalized Relevance

Retina provides unique, unparalleled expertise for increasing marketing and sales effectiveness through relevant, targeted, and personalized methodology. We are proud of our significant achievements in several go-to-market areas, and have developed the most valuable capabilities in areas of highly evolved segmentation, micro-segmentation and personalization that maximizes both relevance and effectiveness, through automated and AI approaches.

  • Offer Management Systems

  • Next Best Offer Engines

  • A/B Testing

CRM: Complete Customer View at Your Fingertips

While most companies make use of integrated or disparate CRM installations, few achieve the functionality that provides rich, relevant, and actionable data about the accounts, groups and contacts in their various departments. Whether using Salesforce, Microsoft or other technologies, we assist you in architecting, deploying, configuring, integrating, evolving, and administering a CRM platform customized to your needs and your market space.

  • Configuration

  • Workflow

  • API Integration

  • Development

Lead Management: Mastering Your Demand-Gen Pipeline

Growth and revenue predictability depend on many factors. A critical one is the way your leads are managed throughout the marketing and sales pipeline. We provide the business and technical acumen to engineer lead scoring, lead qualification, lead routing, lead recycling and other optimizing processes for lead generation in particular, and lead management generally. We enhance that with attribution and measurement for continuous development.

  • Lead Routing

  • Lead Qualification

  • Lead Scoring

  • Lead Recycling

Resource Management: Planning and Optimizing Marketing Resources

If creative excellence and technological prowess are paramount for a competitive marketing department, then planning and management of people, processes, budgets, assets, schedules and campaigns are critical for maturity and efficiency. We deploy, configure and integrate marketing resource management applications such as Allocadia, UMO, Aprimo, Workfront, RoboHead, Cloud 9 and others to bring reliable planning to your marketing operations.

  • Tasks, Calendars, Teams, Queues

  • Roles and Security

  • Marketing Collaboration

  • Campaign Templates

  • Budget and Finance

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